How to Style a Charcuterie Plate

How to Style a Charcuterie Plate

 Photo by  Sincerely Ashley

Good Afternoon Everyone!

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This semester is over with and I couldn't be more esthetic. This summer is going to be beautiful. But more on that later. This afternoon, I want to talk about something near and dear to my hear. And that is cheese. If you guys saw on my instagram last week, I have written a cookbook. It's small but I'll divulge more information later on. The cookbook started out with a night with friends at a fancy restaurant that the act of charcuterie was partaken in. I've always loved cheese and the act of having it pared with wine. . Last night, the second Empowered Babes event happened and my friend Ashley bought cheese and the fixings for a charcuterie plate. When I arrived at the venue, I started working on making the plates look pretty. Here's how I style and build a charcuterie plate. 


When I think of charcuterie I think of the different types of cheese. Here's a mixture of cheese that I suggest for a not to expensive charcuterie:

Brie: (Cream)

Cheddar: (Bite)

Harvarti: (Soft)

Colby Jack: (Mild) 

Provolone : (Aged)

Other Fixings:

Wine (the most important)





How to style it:

When styling a charcuterie plate, I start with the small bowls with the nuts and olives. I usually have almonds and a mix of some sort as well. I place them in a diagonal motion on a large serving board or platter. Then I go with the cheese placing it around the bowls. I'll shingle the cheese up on itself to give the plate texture and height. After I add the grapes (keep on the vine). Then I place the salami around the bowls.

Serve and Enjoy!

Thanks to Ashley and Kristin  for bringing in the supplies for the Empowered Babes Event

Check them out here:


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 photo by Kristin Jones

photo by Kristin Jones


See you guys soon! 





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