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The Art of Polishing Off: Birthday at Social GR

Today, I have another "The art of Polishing Off". Monday was my 23rd birthday and my friends took me out to Social Kitchen in Grand Rapids. With getting together over dinner was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday. Just a simple dinner, nothing to crazy. And It was a new experience for me too. I had never been to Social but I'll tell ya, it was delicious. We all ordered a drink, socialized, then ordered fries. Without thinking, I thought it was going to be a basket of fries. But...It was a behemoth mountain of fried spuds. It came with a garlic aioli and some ketchup. We all dug in and demolished the tray. 

The Art of Polishing Off: Harless + Hugh

First of all, I'd love to thank you guys for all of the love and support with the passing of Grandma. And the amazing birthday wishes. You guys are truly amazing and I can't help to feel grateful for you all. Today, I want to feature a segment on the blog. I'm calling this "The Art of Polishing it Off". It's going to be a series in where I'm visit restaurants and simple get dinner with the people that I love. A simple concept but something that takes me to my childhood having dinners with Grandma Boyd. 

Drinks at Gray Skies Distillery

With loving the entirety of craft, I've always been a fan of grabbing a  drink with a few friends. Last Saturday when the weather was warm, Kristin Jones, her husband Matt, and a new friend Joanna all met at Gray Skies. Gray Skies is a distillery in downtown Grand Rapids and it brings this Scandinavian aesthetic to the city. Along with Sovengard, there isn't much of a Scandinavian styled facility around. Thanks to my boss at work, I wouldn't have known about this quaint distillery.

Ferris Barista Throw down - The Trust Building

When school is finished for the week, homework is not a necessity, and you have a free night, you head out on the town. A couple friends and I headed to Ferris Coffee Co.  for their Barista throw down. Blake and I arrived early, grabbed some food, and waited for the throw down to start. As the baristas arrived, I saw a few that I knew and I even saw Bisera of Lush Gourmet. With uniting with some old friends, it was a beautiful night. 

Daily Fika 9: Tina Rae Gibbs

The day that school got out, I made some plans to celebrate. I got dinner at Donkey with some friends but then I you know... to grab a cup of coffee. My friend Tina Rae Gibbs and I have been instagram friends for months now and I texted to her to see if she wanted to join me.  We grabbed coffee at Rowster and just relaxed. We took a break from our busy lives and had our moment of Fika. We talked about our lives and about each other's work. Then we ventured out to take some pictures in the snow. Tina is a wedding photographer from Grand Haven who loves coffee as much as I do.

Odouds Apothecary : Sensible Grooming for Sensible Humans

Today I'm featuring some amazing products. With working with Damn Handsome last summer, they collaborated with a company called Odouds. With going to the Apothecary off Main on a weekly basis to grab some grooming products, I was always intrigued by this company. With knowing their branding/illustrations being done by Christian Watson of, I knew I wanted to reach out for a styling project. We connected over Instagram, It went swimmingly and waited for my parcel to come.

Madcap Tasting: Shop Hop 2016

It has been one heck of a week. I've been working nonstop on my finals along with getting ready for the holiday season. My parents are flying out for a concert today so I'm heading back to Chesaning to watch Cooper. But yesterday (Thursday) was extremely hectic. I had work, my final exam, and posters to finish. But I then saw that Madcap was having an open house for Shop Hop. Shop Hop is when uptown and uptown becomes a huge shopping experience. With being busy, I sadly couldn't participate in the any of it but I knew I wanted to have a break.