Scintillate is an experience that was born from the thesis topic of “movement” and how it affects process. With being impacted by light and environment in every way, diving deep into those systems became prevalent. Beginning with creating a vessel of sorts that could hold this experience. I coiled parts of the physical environment together to create a shell for the light to house itself. After crafting a few of these lights, taking note of how the light made its way into the environment is what drove the video that is titled Scintillate. Scintillate is word that means to emit flashes of light and/or fluoresce momentarily when struck by a photon or charged particle. Not wanting to sell a product, brand the light, and/or create an app, the film exists to depict that experience and how light can convey an emotion depending on its temperature, the brightness, and also the time of day in which the lighting convenes within a space. (11).gif (12).gif