Livsstil - Experiencing the True Scandinavia 

Livsstil_Presentation .jpg


With researching the falsification of social media, happiness, and culture, Livsstil was created as the antithesis of that. Individuals tend to over falsify Scandinavia as this white, minimal, happy place, in where as, the inhabitants of Scandinavia are just people who have their own issues to deal with. Livsstil is Swedish for the word “lifestyle”, and the theory of Livsstil is focusing on the world of life and the world  of style. Thus creating a circle of reality. Livsstil is a brand that focuses on bringing the true Scandinavian culture to America. A few details about the shop, there’s a coffee shop inside that doubles as an exchange rate system that interchanges any currency in the native krone or krona. The entirety of the shop/ space is to communicate the true Scandinavia along with it being a space for cultural connection.  The store also features current events from Scandinavia in a form of a newspaper, a shopping space featuring authentic Scandinavian imports ( such as Vard: a 3 in 1 skin care regime ). The shop may be styled in away that seems to be styled but the internal philosophy is the true Scandinavia.  Welcome to Livsstil, happy fika-ing!