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Scandinavia is often perceived as a beautiful, white, minimal place, while in reality it’s just another group of countries with their own problems. This falsification of Scandinavia is most commonly seen through social media, how happiness can be measured, and culture. My research proved to me that the people of Scandinavia are creative, welcoming, and loving all things including nature, culture, design, and life itself. Livsstil focuses on bringing the true culture of Scandinavia to America. It strives to create a uniform connection between life and style; of which is the translation to Livsstil. The store includes a newspaper stand that features current news on the country’s community that has both Swedish and English translations, a 3-in-1 skin care regimen called Vård, and a simple mailer that shows the up-and-coming events. Livsstil even includes an optional booth where you can exchange your currency to the native krone or krona as a part of the true Scandinavian experience. The booth doubles as a coffee bar and if you exchange your currency for krone/krona you get a free cup of coffee. The Livsstil brand invites you into Scandinavia with ease and open arms in a way that is welcoming, just like the people of Scandinavia.