When beginning the process of ideation for this project, I conversed with a few of my colleagues and asked if they enjoyed the Levi’s brand. Many of them wished that they could wear Levi’s and said that they felt like the jeans didn’t fit their body shape. The campaign imagines Levi’s offerings for personal tailoring and all you have to do is go into a Levi’s store and sign-up. The advertising for the experience will mainly be in print form and social media, thus hitting all generations that feel like they don’t fit into the brand. The experience will only be held at Levi’s stores and not at department stores. When finishing the sign-up process, a confirmation email will be sent to you and after your scheduled appointment. Then you’ll get a personal allfit bag and a discount card that is that will give you a percentage off of your next purchase. The tone of this campaign is quirky with a touch of sass to help the individuals who have this experience to feel good and comfortable in their jeans.