Crusade - A Postcard Series With A Cause


Crusade is a set of postcards that depict nature’s reaction to the current presidential climate of 2017 and onward. With the President destroying parts of Bears Ears National Monument and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, it was like I could hear John Muir and President Roosevelt roll around in their graves. So these postcards are both nature’s and society’s reaction to the president doing these horrendous things, as well as a way to fight back. You can obtain these cards at your local parks, The National Parks Foundation, and any store that wishes to carry these postcards. The companies would accept donations for a set of postcards and or a single postcard would be included in any purchase. Crusade is described as” a way to take part in an energetic and organized campaign concerning a social, political, or religious issue. ”And that is why the postcards exist. The cards show photos of the  lush landscape that could possibly destroyed