Cabin Boy Coffee - Packaging and Branding


"Cabin Boy Coffee was established in 2017 by designer Sigrid Arnalda. With being born and raised in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, she adventured out to New York to pursue a graphic design degree. With working in the industry for a decade, she  she wanted to return to her hometown. With her meeting her husband at a coffee shop she wanted to create a place for people to gather around coffee and have the opportunity to work with one another; an atelier if you will. With Connecticut becoming an up and coming state, she wanted to help revive Old Saybrook and bring people together over the simplest of things: coffee, creativity, and community.

Sigrid entitled her Atelier / Coffee Shop Cabin Boy Coffee because its nostalgic to her childhood. Sigrid was raised in a sailing family and would often go on fishing trips with her father. The logo of cabin boy is a picture of her father sipping on his morning coffee before they headed out onto the sail boat. The interior of the atelier is warm and welcoming just like the nostalgic tendencies of Sigrid’s childhood. "


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