Woosah Grand Opening | Grand Rapids, MI

It's here! My good friend Erica Lang has finally opened her shop and printing studio!  As being a fellow colleague, classmate, and friend I wanted to be there to document this special day. The energy of this space was simply amazing. Walking into this natural lit oasis of adventure and creativity will make your mind spin in the best of ways! The vibes of Woosah were welcoming and homie and who wouldn't want to walk into the shop and relax?

Here's a little background of Woosah:

Woosah is a print shop and an outfitting company created by Erica Lang who handprints all of the pieces using traditional printmaking techniques. Woosah is a slang term that brings an inner sense of calmness and stillness when said out loud. Take a deep breathe and exhale! Erica's imagery shows the natural world and adventure in a different light. Take a look for yourselves :)

"When you have a passion and have the determination you'll be set. You may not need an schooling of sorts but when your ready, it'll come. You may have had those hardships but when you know it, it'll come and the pain won't matter" -Erica Lang 

As a fellow printmaker and seeing Erica's work, it's almost blissful to experience. Erica had a dream and she is pushing it into full effect. It's here and lets spread the Woosah everybody! 

"I believe that each person has a hobby, an interest or a passion that brings a sense of inner peace and stillness. A natural, subconsious feeling of enlightenment. Maybe its snowboarding, road trips, surfing, drawing, hiking, or dancing in the comfort of your home without pants on. Whatever it may be, I encourage each person to find their Woosah and to spread it as much and as often as possible. Help me spread the Woosah, with or without pants on". - Erica Lang

Enjoy the Woosah: 

If you are ever in Grand Rapids and on Division. You need to stop into Woosah and treat yourself to a hand printed piece of Woosah or sign up for a printmaking class. Erica is an amazing individual and will welcome you into the world of Woosah with open arms.

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