Wild Season : Reflecting on Summer

This morning, I was making my morning stroll to school and all I could feel was fall in the air. The leaves are glistening with the color of amber and the plants are slowing into a stasis. As a child, I had always loved Michigan Summers but as I've matured and have grown into more of myself, I've grown to love the season's that perpetuated a slower time. I do indeed still love summer but there's this ephemerality that comes when fall's wind begins to show itself. But enough of that for now, school has begun, I have begun to reflect over my entire summer. It was a season of growth, realization, and almost intoxicatingly pure. I remember calling it this "WILD" thing in one of my personal writings that I did in the middle of June right before my birthday.  From working at Damn Handsome all summer as a stylist and designer, rebranding W & B, meeting the blogger community in Grand Rapids, and teaching my food styling class, it has been really...well...wild! This summer has taught myself so many glorious things, even as simple as saving money for something and keeping a steady amount in my bank account ( I was never good with money).The connections that I have made, the people that I've met have somewhat shaped my wild season as well. Even taking care of myself and to spend time with myself has taught me that solitude is a good thing. With being a proud extrovert ( I can't go anywhere without knowing at least one person) it was nice to take some time for myself once in a while. But now, with experiencing new things with another, the pain of the past was worth the wait. With working at school, I'm sitting here now with almost and light smile on my face as music plays remembering it all.

Much Love