What Truly Matters

Hello Everyone,

It has been a long time since I've posted on the blog. And frankly, It has been a long ( excuse my vernacular) ass couple of months. Life has been extremely difficult. With school, personal stuff, and work, I haven't even had the time to think about what quality content (or what kind of content) that I deemed feasible for the blog/brand/site. Yes, Wendling & Boyd is now a brand. But this little editorial space is where I can place my personal content. Yes, It will be filled with process work and such but there were will be blimps of the old personal Ty on here (more on the process work later). But with a painful months comes a plethora of introspection. An when I mean a plethora, I mean everyday there were some sort of realization. With traveling to Traverse City, having Jarrett and Bridget help me hash out what WB truly is, and realizing what my everyday life consists of, I came to realize that I never knew how to transition from blogger to business. Trust me, I wont be selling you stuff. There will be marketing but it will be in the form of content and not long instagram posts. 

Now when it comes to Instagram, I've only posted what truly matters to me. A cup of coffee here, a shot from an event, and even my goofiness with my friends who aren't in the blogging world. And the reason for that is...Its real. I don't want to promote something that isn't obtainable. WB started out in this little place on blogger two years ago and many people think that this was just handed to me. Time to be real: You have to work your (excuse the vernacular) ass off. Nothing isn't handed to you. It's all hard work my friends. When taking time for myself, I also realized that when people attacked WB ( long story ) it put me in a corner that I couldn't get out of. I bit back, I gnawed, I ran, I forced it...in the end, it left me in a place where WB wasn't appealing to me. It was like it was taken from me. But now...as I sit here sipping my Coconut La Croix (my new favorite drink) I just want to show you guys the real world of Tyler. Somedays it's prettier than others. And that should be fine. But the focus will be, creative content, photography, design, and you guessed it, COFFEE!

This is time to post the things that matter. Like the picture that you see here. This is a shot from a photoshoot that was done for a school project that may be coming to Wendling & Boyd. But time will tell on that. But for now, I'll leave you until the next blog post, which will be soon.


Font for the Cover Photo: Fresh Exchange

See you guys soon!