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My friends at Westward Men's Grooming Co. sent me some samples of their beard oil and I wanted to review them with you guys. Westward Men's Grooming Co. as a beard oil company hailing from Phoenix, Arizona that uses all natural ingredients. All of their products are made in small batches so that each bottle of beard oil is the best quality possible. It is also made by Veterans and it's American made so thats probably the best thing about this feature. It's supporting a small business, its handcrafted in American, and Veterans make it. HOW AWESOME IS THAT ?! Here's a little more about them:

"We here at Westward Men Grooming Co. are determined to provide gentlemen everywhere a superior grooming product made with only the finest quality natural ingredients. Through painstaking research and extensive testing, we have curated a masterful blend of oils specifically intended to condition, moisturize and enhance the look and feel of your beard and skin.  All of our products are hand crafted in small batches to ensure top notch quality. We stand by our product and we believe that our oils are second to none."- Westward Men's Grooming Co.

The two oils that they sent me are the "Woodsman" and the "Desert Dweller"

The Woodsman blend has a spicier aroma and it also has a woody smell that accentuates the spice ever so slightly. It has essences of sandalwood, rosewood, and cedar wood oils along with the cinnamon. When I wear this oil, it instantly reminds me of Christmas because of the cinnamon and the fresh cut pine tree branches in our house during the holidays. This one is my favorite out of the two. 

The Desert Dweller has more of a cleaner aroma. It has eucalyptus and sage in it, which makes it more of a "leafy" aroma to it. I love wearing this one when it’s rainy out. It’s a fresher, lighter than the spicier Woodsman.  I've used both oils as cologne as well.  So as you know, I made a little look book for their oils:

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