Wendling + Boyd Made x The Chalet Woodshop

Hey guys! 

Today I wanted to talk about a few things. So as you all may know from my Body Positivity Rant from Monday, it's a touchy subject for me and it always has been. As being a kid who weighted 300 LBS when I was in high school, It has always been hard for me to understand my body, when it wasn't my fault for being the weight that I was. I'm going to be upfront with you guys. When I was born, I was two months early and weighed 4 LBS 11 oz. Back in 94, we didn't have the technology that we have today. When I was kept at the hospital for a month after my birth, the doctors had to feed me through tubes that were inserted down my throat. In which, doing that, It ruined my thyroid. If you don't know, the thyroid is a little gland in your neck that regulates your hormones, your emotions, and basically the entire body. When I turned 9, it entirely killed out and It made me gain a lot of weight. You could tell in my class pictures that something was wrong with me. Through my teenage years we had trouble figuring out what was wrong and I was on all sorts of dosages of thyroid pills. Only recently is when we found the right dosage and it has helped me lose more weight. This is why I want to be an advocate of body positivity. Body positivity is something that everyone should experience. Loving who you are is always the best. But that's history. Let's get to the real reason for this post.  I want to pay homage to the girl that was ripped apart by those girls at the local coffee shop.

Today, I decided to do something a little different, something that's out of my comfort zone I've always loved the idea of making clothes and making textile works. So I took one of my 2X Large shirts and turned it into something wearable. I sewed the front and cut off the collar. I've never made edits to clothes before so this was an interesting experience for sure. I've made art pieces out of fabric but I never made something wearable. But as in doing that, I teamed up with Kristin of "Everythings always Sunny" and we created a look book for you guys. I've never modeled before but here goes nothing!

This photoshoot is also featuring "The Chalet Woodshop". I was graced with them sending me one of their "Alpine Carry All's"; in which I've fallen in love. Ever since they sent it to me, I've used this carry-all for my notebooks, my agenda, and my power-cords. It's rather spacious and if you want something to simple and great quality to carry your everyday goods in, check them out. It's perfect for your agenda, a small sketchbook, a chapter book, anything for on the go. Here's a link for you guys to see more! I also featured their The Woodland Journal and their Go Explore Wallet  on the blog a couple weeks ago. If you want to check that click Here! But let's get to some photos:

Shirt: Similar Shirt (I made alterations to mine) Here

Shorts: Similar (also altered by me ) Here

Glasses: Urban Outfitters - Here

Necklace: Sarah Lewis Craft - Here

Rings- Have-Company, Parliament Boutique, and Fox and the Fawn

I want to send a HUGE thank you to "The Chalet Woodshop" for sending me their Alpine Carry- All and for Kristin of "Everything's Always Sunny" for taking these pictures for me! You guys are honestly the best!

With one lasting piece of advice for you guys - Love who you are.

Have an awesome rest of your week guys. I have a couple of recipes coming! Stay tuned!