Wendling & Boyd Turns 4


As you could say it takes 4 years to make something stick right? (Lukas, cheers to you) I have no idea how to word this post. I’m feeling a plethora of emotions today because well, I haven’t had anything like this happen. Who would’ve thought a farm boy turned to urbanist would have something like this in his lap? Year 4 has been a test of time. I graduated college, I lost a world of loved ones, I loved, and I experienced a lot of things that tested my will. Today, takes me back to the little marble table that I sat at in Detroit while a friend and I pondered how to destroy my situational depression that had caused me to become lost. Oddly enough, I’m back at that place where I was once depressed because of the lack of culture. Now sitting at Ponder Coffee writing this post, I wouldn’t take it back for a second. Working through the young adult years and still doing so seemed so un-evident but WB was and still is my escape from the hard times.

I celebrate this day more than I do when the new year arrives in December. It’s more personal to me and I can actually make goals and keep to them. There’s an evidence in this world and it has made me realize that there’s so much beauty to witness. That is the biggest thing that these 4 years have taught me. There’s so much beauty to witness in this world: architecture, the people, the spaces, the colors, there’s so much. When I was in the process of graduating, my professor took me aside and pulled me into her office. She sat me down and told me that she has never seen anyone that was sensitive to these things. And thus, my world change. The flood gates opened and my eyes were exposed to this world that I call home. From the styling classes, the morning drives out to the nearest city, to the nights awake thinking about if I could afford the next day’s cup of coffee, I wouldn’t change those experiences for the world.

So where does this new year have in store for WB? Who knows? But I do have some goals for the future. As my friend Joanna always told me, “put it out into the universe and will it to happen.”. With that, here are my 10 wild goals to last a lifetime.

Goal 1: Move to Portland

Goals 2: Learn to Surf in the PNW

Goal 3: Visit all of the National Parks in America

Goal 4: Go to Copenhagen and stay for a couple years

Goal 5: Drive around the entire country of Iceland.

Goal 6: Travel to every state like Grandma Boyd wanted to

Goal 7: Make a film about these things (write a book)

Goal 8: UI test my Scintillate light fixture

Goal 9: Have coffee with Wes Anderson

Goal 10: Fall in love

I know…wild right? As I always say, anything is possible! I can’t thank you guys enough for following along on my journey. You guys are truly amazing, and I truly am blessed to have you here. I can’t wait for this new year!

Stay sweet, stay sassy, and always follow your gut.