Up North: An Escape

As a child, I always loved going to the cabin that my Grandma and Grandpa Wendling owned in Houghton Lake. It was an escape, a place where all things summer could be appealed and all things adventurous could take place. If I can recall, my first Squarespace blog post happened while I was up north. I remember through the entire evolution of W & B, I used to have this rather...rustic aesthetic. Hiking, buffalo, the woods, nature...etc and I think with moving to the city, that side has removed itself from me since I don't get to experience that way of living as much as I used to. But, when I go "Up North" I fully entrance myself into that living. As of now my Grandparents still own their cabin but my parents own their own lake house. Let me tell you this, it is honestly the best feeling when you can wake up, go up at the end of the dock and just watch the sun rise. The moments of when the light hits the horizon, it's as almost a moment of when sublime intuition shows it's fruitful energy. 

When I'm at the lake house, you can usually find me in the kitchen, curled up outside by the water, hunting down the ice cream man, spending time with my cousins on the kayak, or garage sailing with my Aunt. Regardless that I love the city, I have this extreme love for the natural world and what entices me is the connection that I feel when I travel. Grandma and Grandpa Boyd have always loved to travel. Their favorite (regardless that they've traveled to most of the United States) was going up north to Mackinac City. Maybe it's that seedling that they nurtured in me every year that entices me to this living? Who knows? Here are a few photos from the labor day weekend: