Trend Vs. Reality


I can usually find myself falling into this spiraling headspace of what trend and reality are. With being a designer, a maker, a creative, a writer, etc etc I'm constantly researching into the deepest of dives and I find myself floating on the outside of the entirety of trends and reality. My body is essentially floating in the space between those two lines and I've delved into that deeper instance of what that truly is. Today in one of my classes, I've began to do research on the perception of aesthetic and emotion and my professor took me in the direction of focusing on this specific topic. I'm always intrigued with this touchy subject. In all honesty, I think about it everyday. So today, I want to give my take on what's happening with these two things.  Let's begin shall we?

Trends rule the world and the world currently is overtly saturated with the obnoxious idea of "I want to be this (insert idol here)" or "I want to have this style because this person that I idolize has it". Don't get me wrong goals are an amazing thing to have but trying to strive to be this specific person doesn't make sense. As I always say, yes imitation can be the highest form of flattery but at the end of the day it's still a form of imitation. In which that can erupt into beast that does not want to be tampered with. That's a story for a different day. In sue with this, I see the trends falling through my pinterest/instagram feeds and it's somewhat unsettling. There can only be so many pictures that are the exact same everyday of the week. Trust me, I am guilty of this in every aspect of the topic that we're talking about today. There's nothing wrong with following trends, heck, I've done it for a long time and I can't fully understand what the realness of that is? It may be the aspect of being connected to something more than just yourself or a thought process of if " I can mimic this style, I'll have thousands and thousands of followers". I don't want to burst your bubble but sometimes numbers mean nothing. Yeah, if you have a higher following that can mean more for yourself but sometimes the numbers can rise and so can your ego. I see people at my school who head towards the numbers and post things to just get compliments on their work and that's where it ends? I honestly can't be bothered with that. I'm not saying don't post your work but have some sort of cadence in doing so. 


This is my challenge to you. If you're a creative, designer, instagrammer, model, fashionista, interior decorator, and even if you're starting fresh, make yourself a pinterest board and really think of the reasons why you're picking these things. Put people and faces aside, and look at the bare bones of what you're choosing: colors, lines, photo style, patterns, typefaces, the basic use and functionality of something, and etc... Try to pull yourself away from what you see out in the world and pull what your personally like into who you are.