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Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope you had a lovely weekend. Who doesn’t love to start off their day with a cup of coffee? Trade Coffee Co. sent me a bag of coffee to feature on the blog and who can say no to coffee? I’ll also have a code for you guys at the end of blog post! Trade Coffee Co. is a company based in New York that has an online marketplace that is designed to help you make better coffee at home. The marketplace holds over 400+ of the finest roasters in the nation. They carry coffees such as Onyx, Stumptown, Metric, Kickapoo, Verve, Pts Coffee, and etc!

Here’s more about Trade Coffee Co.

Our story is simple. We are dedicated coffee fans working with incredible roasters – from new small-town heroes to the OG cult classics who first pioneered craft coffee in America decades ago. Our partners are committed to the highest standards of ethical sourcing, quality, and tireless experimentation in the name of beverage perfection, no matter how you take your cup.  



Trade’s mission is to help you make better coffee at home. Whether you’re a seasoned spiral-pouring Chem-expert or have a trusty automatic drip, we can inspire any cup with our obsessively curated collection of seasonal, freshly roasted-to-order coffees.

Roaster's Pledge

Our roasters pledge to maintain only the highest standards of freshness, sourcing, sustainability, and quality at every step of their process. We pride ourselves on a commitment to bring you a diverse offering of the very best seasonal coffees with exceptional taste, ethically sourced from respected farmers and producers. Each and every roaster we partner with signs our pledge, promising to uphold these standards and deliver the highest quality, premium freshness right to your doorstep.

If you guys would like to grab a bag, Use code wendlingandboyd to get 50 % of your first bag that is up to $25 on their website.

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See you soon!