Together: Bells Brewery with the Damn Handsome Crew

Good Morning Everyone~

I have a new type of post on the blog this morning. I'm calling these posts "together". It is essential when I go out with people and bring my camera along. With wanting to start these posts with something warm and welcoming, why not start with a brewery? 

With the dreary weather in Grand Rapids, all I can think about is the warm summer from last year. When I was sitting at Rowster this morning having my daily fika, as I watched the snow fall, I instantly snapped back to the trips to Bells Brewery with the Damn Handsome Crew. The warmth, the cold beer, and the amazing people that I was surrounded by. This brewery holds a big place in my heart and it's one of the soul places that I think about when I think about Kalamazoo. With the blog turning into a brand and the countless moments that have happened since my internship last summer, I truly miss those days of my weekly visits to Damn Handsome. Meeting the crew and Bisera of Lush Nuts, it truly made some of my dreams move like wild fire. As with finishing my design degree and thinking about where I want to head when I do, I think of the small cozy aesthetic of a small makers business. It is where I started right? I didn't really know much about beer until I started at Damn Handsome. With their products having beer hops in them and learning about the different types of beer, I could honestly say that I've learned to love beer. I was raised around Bud Light and Coors back on the east side and hated them all. I don't drink a lot of liquor unless I'm at a cocktail bar, but when I go to a brewery I instantly think of what flavors of beer that I like. I do like my beers dark and I think my love for coffee had readied my palette for that since I do love a dark chocolatey coffee. But oddly enough, I love Oberon too...It is a classic after all. 

Here are some pictures from that summer. 

If you want a delicious beer, grab yourself a growler and fill it up at Bells