"I can see it with my Third Eye"-Florence and The Machine


People say that a sign will hit you as soon as you least expect it. As you all know I've been serving jury duty for the past two weeks in Saginaw; so I've been sticking close to the east side of Michigan. With traveling to and from Grand Rapids and Chesaning, I've been listening to The Raw Milk Podcast. I've always been a fan of Beth Kirby ever since I started food styling a couple years ago. With her focus on helping people with their entrepreneurial endeavors, her words and knowledge have nudged me into the path that I needed to take. With living in this oddity that I've titled purgatory, It seems that I've been pulled in many directions. Who said post grad was easy? These thoughts keeping popping into my head. What kind of content do I want to make? What kind of audience do I want to have? I've spoken with a few of my colleagues and they all had the same answer, "make what makes you happy". And I agree with them. There are a lot of things that I enjoy and love to share from coffee, to storefronts, shopping local, recipes, fashion, and etc. And I hate the word lifestyle. With my Livsstil project being the ouroboros of that word, I think that I've realized that I want to focus more on the LIFE part of myself. Yesterday, I got coffee with Blake at Harless + Hugh in Bay City and she snapped me out of the purgatory that I was sinking into.  She told me that the universe will beat you up, spit you out, and set you on fire but it's preparing you for the good moments and those simple moments that are always a blessing to experience. I also continued to converse about how I never felt connected to the blogger community. I never started blogging for money, fame, and to work with the largest brands out there. I started Wendling & Boyd on the reality of small businesses, coffee culture, and helping out the struggling towns with furthering their development. I could've cared less about standing in the streets of LA taking photos in the newest line by gucci. To this day, I still focus on helping the locals in the cities that I travel to. Those coffee pictures aren't just for the statement of going somewhere. As I made my way back to Chesaning, I decided to stop into our local outlet mall in Birch Run. Knowing about the William Sonoma/ Pottery Barn store, I tend to frequent there when I need a pick me up or something for a photoshoot. I was greeted by the worker and started looking around. I made my way to clearance section to see if they had anything worth while and I saw it. A Stagg Kettle by Fellow Products. I've been wanting one of these kettles ever since I saw them in my travels around Michigan but I never had the will to spend money on one because I already had a kettle that I used. I grabbed it to make sure it wasn't some odd mirage from the heat and I headed to the point of sales. I got to my car and headed home. All of a sudden, Third Eye by Florence and the Machine came on spotify. With this song being the end of the HBHBHB (How Big How Bright How Beautiful) film by Florence and being one of the songs that I get pumped up to, I bursted into tears. I had finally seen the sign that I needed. The universe is behind me, and I'm ready to get my life back.

I've realized that I want to make some amazing content for you guys. I want to show you my true world and my life. Not just a pretty picture, but something that is obtainable.

-Tyler James