The Hunt For The Perfect Charlie Brown Tree

If you have been following Wendling & Boyd around for the past two years, you know that today is one of my favorite days of the year. The day after thanksgiving, is the day that as a family, we go out and cut down a Christmas Tree. With the nostalgia breathing through my body, and the smell of coffee in my cup, I was ready to go. We all suited up (jackets and hats) and headed to our usual location. We keep this place pretty secret and as a tradition, we always go to the same place. We arrived in due time and I instantly flew out of the door to take pictures. With being attracted alpine living and the forster life, this farm is a treasure trove of photography. Casey put the leash on Cooper and my parents started making there way to the escape that I call, the Scandinavian oasis. We have to walk through a symmetrical forest of pine trees; I'm taking photos like crazy and Cooper is ducking and weaving through every tree. We make it to the oasis and the hunt begins. Oddly enough, we picked the tree that we took pictures in front of last year. Casey and Dad cut the tree down, I dragged it through the symmetrical forest and we propped it up to be shaken. We loaded the truck up and made our way home. As we got on the road it started storming and all of a sudden the tree falls out of the truck. Casey and I leaped out and snatched it up before the cars could hit it. As soon as we got it home...the entire truck is crooked...All I can say is...Charlie Brown would be proud.