The Dream Bean Machine: A Dream At Large


Good Afternoon Everyone!

I hope you're having a lovely week. Here in Michigan, we have a glimmer of fall. I woke up and made myself a cup of coffee and took Cooper outside. It was cool, a little dewey, and there was a chill in the air. I know...It sounds basic but fall is my favorite time of year. I love everything about it (and no...I don't drink pumpkin spice lattes). Anyways, I digress...

Today I want to talk about an amazing occurrence that happened to me last weekend. I was up north on Houghton Lake, celebrating Labor Day. A couple friends and I were driving around and all I hear from one of them is that they saw a VW van at the annual craft show at the high school. We instantly turned around and went to the school. It was extremely humid out and I did not pack for the heat. I was in a button up and a pair of jeans...Good move Ty. We started walking towards the direction of the VW van and low behold...It's a coffee shop. If you guys follow my instagram, you know I've been trying to figure out how to get a VW van to travel in it. And to find my dream in reality...I could feel my heart racing in my chest. I started walking faster towards the bus and I might have blacked out. I ordered a coffee, got a shirt, and a baseball cap. I don't know what happened but was soon as we left with our coffees, I felt like I was on cloud 9.

When we ordered the coffee, we we're greeted by the barista/owner Libby. She was working away making smoothies and coffee drinks with the largest smile on her face. I told her that she was doing something amazing and that I would love to talk more. Guess what...I went back the next day. I talked with Libby a bit and I started taking pictures of the van. My friends told me to stand in front of the VW logo and all I hear is Libby say, "You can come sit inside if you want". I looked over to my friends and my jaw dropped to the ground. I climbed into Stella (the van's name) and basically lost my mind. One of my dreams had somewhat became a reality. As I write this, I'm wearing the hat and shirt from the shop.

Here's more about The Dream Bean Machine:


Life has always made the most sense to me when hiking, so it's no surprise that is where this Volkswagen coffee shop dream first came about. Growing up, my family and I attended as many Michigan music festivals as possible, and the dream of owning a Volkswagen bus set in at an early age. Unfortunately, the more research I did into the busses, the more I realized I would need to get a "real job" long before I would be making any offers. As I progressed in a general business and food service administration degree at Western Michigan University, the realization of making my bus dreams come true though a business opportunity began to set in. 

I first told my mom about the plan somewhere amongst the trails of Isle Royale on our annual mother-daughter hike in 2015. Knowing her to be a bit of a realist, I honestly wasn't expecting to get too far in sharing the idea. She then surprised me by being on board well before I even got to the back-up plans. Over the next few days I was able to pick at her business mind and together we brainstormed ideas, as the reality of following through began to set in. Despite years of looking for what would potentially be the right bus, my mom found Stella online only two days after we returned home. 

About a year later, the conversion was finally finished and we were at our first event, Busses by the Beach 2016. What better way to kick off the new adventure than a Volkswagen bus music festival on Lake Michigan? I realized quickly that I wasn't crazy, and that there is more to owning a VW bus than anyone could have portrayed. The stories and community of people who have come along with it are quite possibly the best part. 

n the past year, we have continued to be nothing but blessed with great business, positive feedback and supportive customers. Thank you all so much for showing your support or stopping to see us. The people we have met on road truly are second-to-none.

See ya out there!                                                       

-Libby, Stella & crew

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Talk to you guys tomorrow !