The Boyd Decoction

This morning, a thunderstorm erupted in Grand Rapids and it woke me out of a deep sleep. I sat myself up in my bed, and just listened to the thunder and the plinking noise of the rain hitting my window. I instantly thought back to the days of Fall of when I was at my Grandma Boyd's house and she always made homemade hot chocolate. I always thought that this elixir was god's nectar but found out that it was only a recipe on the back of the Hershey's cocoa powder container. Regardless, to this day when the season is right, I will go to Grandma's and make us some hot chocolate. But today, I wanted to spice up this simple recipe to make it with less sugar and no cocoa powder. So, I headed out to a couple shops to grab a few ingredients. The lovely ladies of Queen Farina were amazing enough to send me a bottle of their honey, and I've been pondering what kind of recipe that I could make utilizing the jar of honey. When I think of honey, I think about Jerry from across the street, who was and still is my Grandma Boyd's neighbor. For some odd reason he decided to have bee's and always brought over honey comb and jars of honey for us to eat. So the entirety of this recipe is fully stemming itself from the Boyd side of my brain. So in further ado, here's what I call "The Boyd Decoction" a spiced up version of the simple hot chocolate:

: Ingredients and Kitchenware :

You can substitute these ingredients for others, these are just my preferences-

1 1/2 cups of whole milk

2 heaping tablespoons of honey 

1/2 cups of chocolate shavings ( or substitute for 1/4 cup cocoa powder)- Today I'm using the Ritual Chocolate's Blueberry, Honeycomb, and Coffee 60 % Cacao chocolate bar. Their chocolate is delicious and always made in small batches. 

1 tsp vanilla 

1 Tbs- Strong Water Drinking Vinegar (Persimmon and Lavender) - This is optional, I just wanted to add a flavor that would cut the sweetness of the honey and the chocolate.

Wooden spoon

A small saucepan 

Your favorite cup!

How to make it:

Step 1: Turn your stove on to medium to low heat. 

Step 2: Add your milk, honey, chocolate and stir until combined.

Step 3: When warmed through, take off of the stove and add your drinking vinegar and vanilla. 

Step 4: Serve it up! 

I want to say thank you again to the lovely ladies at Queen Farina for sending me a bottle of honey. If you want the best honey that you've ever tasted, go give them a follow. Their feed is gorgeous and any bee lover wont be able to shy away :

Queen Farina

Also go give Ritual Chocolate and Strongwater a follow as well! 

I hope you guys have a lovely rest of your week!