The Art of Polishing Off: Harless + Hugh

Good Afternoon Everyone, 

First of all, I'd love to thank you guys for all of the love and support with the passing of Grandma. And the amazing birthday wishes. You guys are truly amazing and I can't help to feel grateful for you all. Today, I want to feature a segment on the blog. I'm calling this "The Art of Polishing it Off". It's going to be a series in where I'm visit restaurants and simple get dinner with the people that I love. A simple concept but something that takes me to my childhood having dinners with Grandma Boyd. 

After the storm of the funeral, my parents, brother, and I headed up to Bay City to 1: celebrate my birthday and 2: to just spend time together and to console each other after losing Grandma. We started the morning off with grabbing a cup of coffee from Harless + Hugh Coffee. My parents always wondered what I was doing in Bay City when I visited so I showed them around to all three of the H+H locations. My parents aren't really immersed into the coffee world as much as I am, but they're willing. Casey loves his Maxwell House was an adventure for sure.

 With needing to curve our cravings and loving The Public House. I've posted about this amazing bar before but since then, they have released a food menu. Sunday they were featuring their brunch menu, and you know how much I love brunch. We all ordered a cocktail to cheers to Grandma, my birthday, and being a family. Something that we all needed.

After brunch, we headed to The H+H Flea. I wanted to grab a couple of things before I had to come back to Grand Rapids that I could only get there. 

Stay Sweet