The Art Of Polishing Off: Gold Cash Gold Detroit

Last Thursday, my good friend Meahgan, her husband Grant, and I decided to take a day trip to Detroit. With becoming for of a foodie, since I've visited this grand city, It was nice to have some company with me. With researching Detroit, and it being the hometown of where Wendling & Boyd was created, I try to make it there atleast two times year to refuel and to get inspired. With catoring to aesthetic, I'm always looking for the most beautiful restaurants to go to. With knowing about Gold Cash Gold for awhile, I've never gotten a chance to get there, so as you know, I added it to our list and we shoved off. We made our rounds to Shinola, Nora, Great Lakes Coffee, The Henry Ford Museum, A new coffee shop called Roasting Plant...etc but we built up an appetite. With Gold Cash Gold not opening until the late afternoon, we knew we wanted to save it for last. Gold Cash Gold  is a restaurant located in Corktown Detroit. It used to be a pawnshop which is rather cool. I even talked with this with Meahgan on our trip, people can honestly make something out of nothing if they have the will to do it .

We grabbed a table and ordered our drinks. I grabbed a classic Negroni, Grant got a beer, and Meahgan got a delicious starlight cocktail. The options for the drink sections were magnificent. (Sunlight, Starlight, Oak) These beautiful buzzwords that described the drinks. A graphic designers dream for sure. We got the cheese plate which had some amazing farmers vintage cheese ( The Honey Comb was to die for). Then we ordered our entres. Meahgan and Grant got chicken two ways and I got a watermelon salad. 

There's always this amazing wonderment that comes with getting dinner and sharing a plate. Hence why I've always loved cheese boards. It's a shareable, a place to make a connection with another. Grandma Boyd was an advocate for this. With her Italian roots, she would always order food at a restaurant and we would share. Here's to you Gram. Let's look at some pictures! 

You guys should check out this amazing place. The cocktails are delicious, the cheese is to die for and the ambiance has this magical tone to it that'll make you want to come back for more.

Gold Cash Gold

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