Terra Square Farmer's Market: Lessons from Grandma Boyd + Mushroom Havarti Dunker

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Today I have a long post for you guys including two delicious yet simple recipes.I'm teaming up with the Michigan Farmers Market Association to feature a new farmers market over on the west side of Michigan.  Lets talk about the new farmers market in Hudsonville, Michigan. Terra Square Farmer's Market is a new market that is open from 8-1 on Wednesday and Saturday. They also have a beautiful co-working space inside of the building. 

Here's a quote from their site

"Hudsonville farmers are passionate about bringing the community together over farm fresh produce they have been growing for generations. The Terra Square Farmer’s Market will be a place where we inspire healthy, full, and abundant living. Growing together, food and community."

With having a love for the hearth and farming communities (I was raised on a farm) I've always loved getting produce from the local farmers around the city. When this one opened, I knew that I wanted to check it out. 

Photo help: Dee Derusha 

My favorite thing to do when going to the farmers market is to go without having an idea of what I want to get. That's how Grandma did it, so I follow in sue. I always look to see what's looking good and I go by ear. When I walked around the market, I noticed the lush blueberries, tomatoes, and mushrooms. I instantly thought of a summer blueberry crumble and a delicious cheese dip ( or a dunker as I call it). I grabbed a couple of ingredients including a vanilla nitro cold brew from Boxcar Coffee Roasters and we headed back to my apartment to get cooking.

Here's a little lesson on cleaning your produce from Grandma Boyd. She taught me how to cook and in all honesty, the clean way to cook and look at ingredients. I can remember her going to the market and looking at the produce and checking it in here most unusual ways. 

Step 1: Check the ingredients

-Check the ingredients/  ask the supplier the conditions that the food is preserved and or sourced. Also check the ingredients for bruises and scrapes. Even smell them if you have to. You don't want to get yourself sick from bad mushrooms,

Step 2: Rinse and Clean before use 

-Always wash your produce. If the package doesn't say anything wash them. You never know who touched the ingredients before hand. 

-Don't use soap or any other kind of cleaners (bleach) when washing the fruit; just water. 

Step 3: Keep fresh cut fruit in the refrigerator. 

-Before use, keep the fresh produce in the fridge 

Step 4: Clean your surfaces

-Specifically when cooking with meat, make sure ALL of your surfaces are clean. Before cooking anything, I always wipe down my surface, cutting board, or counter. It keeps the germs away from your delicious ingredients. Always use soap and hot water. Grandma Boyd always said, " If the dish water doesn't burn, make it hotter" 

Step 5: Keep your meat separated from your other ingredients. 

-Meat products (eggs, fish, etc) need to be separated from your fruits and vegetables. Even when cooking your food, separate the meat products from the other ingredients. Don't use the same cutting board unless it has been cleaned 

Step 6: Throw away the bad 

- When getting produce, check the ingredients before washing. If they have bruises, impurities, don't use them. Remove the damaged portions and pieces of the food as well. If the produce has touched anything in meat category, throw them away. If in doubt! Throw it Out! 

With loving to write, I've created a recipe for you guys in which I'm calling a "Dunker". It's essentially a dip. Who doesn't love cheese dip. Also the best thing about this recipe is that there isn't any specific measurments with this recipe. "It's all eyeballing"-Grandma Boyd

Mushrooms act like sponges. You should dampen a paper towel and wipe your mushrooms off dont put water directly on them


For the Mushrooms:

A handful of mushrooms: I chose portabello

2 TBS Liquid Aminos

1 Tbs Garlic Salt, Cayenne Pepper, Black Pepper

A lump of butter 

Enough Olive Oil to cover the bottom of the pan


The rest of the Ingredients: 

Any kind of cheese that melts. 

I chose havarti and cheddar. You need about a cup each!

2 Tbs cream cheese 



Step 1: In a cast iron pan, add your butter, olive oil and mushrooms. Then add your spices and liquid aminos. When cooking the mushrooms do it low and slow until they shrink in size and brown in color.

Step 2: When finished cooking, pull them off of the stove and drain the access oil and butter. This is necessary or your dip will be greasy.

Step 3: Grate your cheese.

Step 4: In the cast iron pan, add your cheese and cream cheese. 

Step 5: Set your oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit  .

Step 6: Put cast iron pan into the oven until the cheese is melted and bubbly. 

Step 7: While the dip is baking, grill up some baguette.

Step 8: When cheese is melted, pull it out of the oven, set it in the middle of the dinner table and dig in!

Who doesn't love cheese garlic bread with mushrooms?!

If you guys ever get the chance, head on over to the Terra Square Farmers Market. The farmers are amazing, the produce is great, and the coffee is to die for.

If you are interested in looking for a farmers market near you here's a great site for you to check out. Check it out HERE

If you want to sign up for the farmers market newsletter, add your email to this list HERE

If you want to check out more about this market, here's their website and social media.

Terra Square Farmer's Market

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I have another recipe coming your way that's including the ingredients from the farmers market. Blueberry crumble coming soon! 

Much Love Everyone!