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Imbibing in Traverse City: BLK MRKT and The Little Fleet

When school, work, and life gets you down, you grab yourself a good friend and head on out for the day. With always wanting to go to Traverse City, one Saturday morning, my friend Sam and I left Grand Rapids and made our way to TC. With loving drink culture (coffee, beer, and cocktails), I'm usually on the look out for places to grab a drink/eat. With knowing about BLK MRKT from Megan of The Fresh Exchange, and all of my coffee shop friends, I knew that was the place that I wanted to stop at first. 

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Up North: An Escape

As a child, I always loved going to the cabin that my Grandma and Grandpa Wendling owned in Houghton Lake. It was an escape, a place where all things summer could be appealed and all things adventurous could take place. If I can recall, my first Squarespace blog post happened while I was up north. I remember through the entire evolution of W & B, I used to have this rather...rustic aesthetic. Hiking, buffalo, the woods, nature...etc

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