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Odouds Apothecary : Sensible Grooming for Sensible Humans

Today I'm featuring some amazing products. With working with Damn Handsome last summer, they collaborated with a company called Odouds. With going to the Apothecary off Main on a weekly basis to grab some grooming products, I was always intrigued by this company. With knowing their branding/illustrations being done by Christian Watson of, I knew I wanted to reach out for a styling project. We connected over Instagram, It went swimmingly and waited for my parcel to come.

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Love Local: Jessica & Co Vintage

Good Morning Everyone! 

With a special event happening this coming Wednesday, I wanted to spend the weekend visiting my favorite local shops. As I posted awhile back about Buy Nearby, I continued on with that trend and decided to go around Grand Rapids to my favorite spots. I visited The Found Cottage on Friday and Abigail of "Binks and the Bad Housewife" was working. She told me about this huge barn sale that her friend was having. When I got back home, I decided to look up this sale and holy cow. I saw this gorgeous barn and this beautiful yard full of primitives and antiques. With being raised around primitive / farmlike antiques as a child, I knew I had to visit. I got up early on Saturday and made my way to Jessica & Co Vintage's barn sale.

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