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How to Style a Charcuterie Plate

This semester is over with and I couldn't be more esthetic. This summer is going to be beautiful. But more on that later. This afternoon, I want to talk about something near and dear to my hear. And that is cheese. If you guys saw on my instagram last week, I have written a cookbook. It's small but I'll divulge more information later on. The cookbook started out with a night with friends at a fancy restaurant that the act of charcuterie was partaken in. I've always loved cheese and the act of having it pared with wine. . Last night, the second Empowered Babes event happened and my friend Ashley bought cheese and the fixings for a charcuterie plate. When I arrived at the venue, I started working on making the plates look pretty. Here's how I style and build a charcuterie plate. 

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Brown Butter Creperie Grand Opening

When I taught my food styling class at The Found Cottage, I met two lovely girls who were opening a crepe shop in East Town, Grand Rapids in the old Cakabakery location. They came up to me during the class and told me who they were and what they were doing and I instantly got giddie. I'm a man of many things but when crepes are involved...I'll drop everything. I love crepes so much. Especially if it has blueberries on it. 

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