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Daily Fika : River City Roasters

This week has been ridiculously crazy. Even my Friday off was extremely stressful. I'm pretty thankful for this Saturday morning though. I had some trouble sleeping but I got myself up and put my kettle on to boil. I've been liquifying my wardrobe and bedroom, taking out things to donate to the local church and keeping myself on the track to a more intentful life. I've been thinking about what has happened with my life.

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Daily Fika - Saturday Pour Overs

Saturday morning coffee is always a daily fika that I've always loved. Even when I was young, I would be drinking my Grandma Boyd's cold sugary folgers because she didn't like when her coffee got cold. Yes, having coffee at such a young age was probably not the best thing in the world but...hey...It was basically sugary milk by the time my Grandma finished making it. With my tastes becoming developed since those early days, I have a simple way of making a pour over for you guys. Featuring Hand and Fire Ceramics and a beautiful kitchen. 

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