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Charcuterie By The Lake With Gather Table Co.

There's always a place in my heart for a nights stay on the lake. It's almost like there's this pull to the water that I can't fully understand but yet you find me as close to the water as possible. I was even like that after the mountains. Nature's beauty is always a necessity when living in the city full time I always say. Last weekend, I was invited to stay at my friend Ashley's lake house. With both being photographers and loving the idea of gathering around food.

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How to Style a Charcuterie Plate

This semester is over with and I couldn't be more esthetic. This summer is going to be beautiful. But more on that later. This afternoon, I want to talk about something near and dear to my hear. And that is cheese. If you guys saw on my instagram last week, I have written a cookbook. It's small but I'll divulge more information later on. The cookbook started out with a night with friends at a fancy restaurant that the act of charcuterie was partaken in. I've always loved cheese and the act of having it pared with wine. . Last night, the second Empowered Babes event happened and my friend Ashley bought cheese and the fixings for a charcuterie plate. When I arrived at the venue, I started working on making the plates look pretty. Here's how I style and build a charcuterie plate. 

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