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Madcap Tasting: Shop Hop 2016

It has been one heck of a week. I've been working nonstop on my finals along with getting ready for the holiday season. My parents are flying out for a concert today so I'm heading back to Chesaning to watch Cooper. But yesterday (Thursday) was extremely hectic. I had work, my final exam, and posters to finish. But I then saw that Madcap was having an open house for Shop Hop. Shop Hop is when uptown and uptown becomes a huge shopping experience. With being busy, I sadly couldn't participate in the any of it but I knew I wanted to have a break.

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Love Local : Samuel Brave Manufacturing Co.

Today I have an new love local post for you guys. Today I'm featuring a great company that is all about quality over quantity. Along with having products that will last, they are Kendall College of Art and Design colleagues of mine. I introduce you guys to: Samuel Brave Manufacturing Co.  Graham and Jessica are the creators of Samuel Brave and they focus on leather goods. Along with the leather, Jessica owns and Etsy shop that's called Union and Defiance Company

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How to make Coffee with a Chemex x A Question Of Eagles

Good Morning Everyone!!!

Today I have a special blog post for you guys. Melissa and Jonathan of A Question of Eagles  sent me a care package full of amazing ceramic pieces to add to my collection. So this morning, I got up early, made myself a cup of coffee as I do, and styled these lovely handmade ceramics.

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