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Kaffe Social Guide: Colorado's Coffee Culture

I've been posting about this thing called #kaffesocial for a couple weeks now along with inclining on a huge project that had fallen into my lap without me even noticing. Thanks to Simply Ashley for helping hone in on this project and for being a great friend. With the recent events in my life taking multiple turns, I wanted to give you guys something instead of just posting pictures of coffee and friendly intimate fika moments from my week. Coffee is a huge part of my life as you could tell (It's an obsession...I know) so let me introduce the first Kaffe Social Coffee guide. Let me give you a bit of background:

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Kaffe Social: Barista Parlor

When traveling is evident I'm always on the move for coffee. Morning, noon, and night, I'm on the search for new coffee shops to visit and to have fika in. My friend Emily and I went down to Tennessee for a hike in the mountains and with knowing about the amazing coffee in Nashville, I knew that we needed to stop into a few of the spots that I've been oogling over since WB started. With Barista Parlor having a huge reputation in the craft coffee world,  I needed to visit.

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