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Detroit Coffee Guide 2: Ashe Supply Co.

With hearing about new coffee shops, I instantly add it to my ever growing list in my field notes. One afternoon I went through each large city that I've visited in Michigan when I traveled in the summer of 2015 and wrote down the craft coffee shops in each corresponding city. With traveling on break,  I had my list for Detroit. With researching and seeing new shops pop up on my instagram, I added a couple of them to the list; Ashe Supply Co. being one of them.

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Detroit Mercantile Co. - General Store

With my love of everything handmade, I'm always looking for shops to put under my radar. With knowing about Detroit Mercantile for awhile, I had never been able to make my way out to their shop. With having to much coffee in my system, I decided to make my way to the market in which the shops is closely located. I met with the shop owner and asked her if I could take photos.

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Detroit Coffee Guide 1: Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Co.

Hey guys! What do you think of the new site eh? Pretty Snazzy! Today, I wanted to kick off the new year with something that has been pretty apparent on the blog but more than the "Daily Fika" posts that I've been posting throughout the year. As of now, I'm planning on meeting the owners of the shops that I go to but that's a furthering process that I'm still working on. But let's begin with a coffee shop that is near and dear to my heart. 

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