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Hiking with La Colombe

This week has been an interesting one. With school starting to come to a close and the summer approaching, there are times where all you want to do is escape the city and go for a hike. My roommate Dee and I were out grabbing some groceries and we found La Colombe's draft latte at our local grocery store. We grabbed a couple and decided to make our way to the trail that Dee had frequented in the past. I grabbed my camera, our draft latte's and we headed out on the trail.

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Fido Motors Cafe : Daily Fika

Last Friday, I was down in Kalamazoo for the general store launch at Damn Handsome. But first, I had heard that there was a new coffee shop that had emerged in the hidden depths of Kzoo. As you all know, when I get wind of a new coffee shop opening in Michigan, I've already packed my camera and am on my way. With the new focus of the blog, I still want to feature the coffee culture in the surrounding areas. It's an ode to the summer mornings at Grandma Boyd's house.

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Madcap Tasting: Shop Hop 2016

It has been one heck of a week. I've been working nonstop on my finals along with getting ready for the holiday season. My parents are flying out for a concert today so I'm heading back to Chesaning to watch Cooper. But yesterday (Thursday) was extremely hectic. I had work, my final exam, and posters to finish. But I then saw that Madcap was having an open house for Shop Hop. Shop Hop is when uptown and uptown becomes a huge shopping experience. With being busy, I sadly couldn't participate in the any of it but I knew I wanted to have a break.

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How to make Coffee with a Chemex x A Question Of Eagles

Good Morning Everyone!!!

Today I have a special blog post for you guys. Melissa and Jonathan of A Question of Eagles  sent me a care package full of amazing ceramic pieces to add to my collection. So this morning, I got up early, made myself a cup of coffee as I do, and styled these lovely handmade ceramics.

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