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Imogene + Willie : A Personal Story

Today, I want to let you guys into a personal story of mine. If you've been here with me throughout these two years, there has been a plethora of focuses, memories, ideals, and all in all storytelling that has full evolved into this new editorial/brand format that is now Wendling & Boyd. But, throughout these years, there has been struggles, downfalls, and much more. But hey, its human to have those experiences and theres always a learning experience to come with these moments. I remember awhile back when Wendling & Boyd started out as just a coffee travel blog on It has no intentions of becoming the size of it is now. I remember when Meredith and I were friends, she'd always bring up Nashville.

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Odouds Apothecary : Sensible Grooming for Sensible Humans

Today I'm featuring some amazing products. With working with Damn Handsome last summer, they collaborated with a company called Odouds. With going to the Apothecary off Main on a weekly basis to grab some grooming products, I was always intrigued by this company. With knowing their branding/illustrations being done by Christian Watson of, I knew I wanted to reach out for a styling project. We connected over Instagram, It went swimmingly and waited for my parcel to come.

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Love Local : Samuel Brave Manufacturing Co.

Today I have an new love local post for you guys. Today I'm featuring a great company that is all about quality over quantity. Along with having products that will last, they are Kendall College of Art and Design colleagues of mine. I introduce you guys to: Samuel Brave Manufacturing Co.  Graham and Jessica are the creators of Samuel Brave and they focus on leather goods. Along with the leather, Jessica owns and Etsy shop that's called Union and Defiance Company

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