Sweet Frances: Fashion Show Feat Hush Puppies

Last week, I was invited to the #sweetfrances event in Holland. It was a fashion show that featured looks from both Frances Jaye and Spring Sweet, in downtown Holland. Both being shops that I've adored, I hit that eventbrite like no other. I got an email right after from Hush Puppies and they wanted me and a couple of my friends to sport some of their shoes for the event. With being a sponsor at the event, we confirmed and got ready for the event. I ordered my Hush Puppy Boots and grabbed some goodies from Frances Jaye.


Here are some shots from the event:

With it being hot, we decided to recreate our looks from the event so we could feature the boots and such in a less sweaty manner 

Photos by Ashley

Shirt: Frances Jaye

Bandanna: Imogene + Willie

Glasses: Urban Outfitters

Hat: American Eagle

Shirt: H&M

Pants: H&M

Boots: Hush Puppies

I just want to say thank you to Frances Jaye, Spring Sweet, and Hush Puppies for inviting me to this event and sending me a pair of boots. It was an amazing event, the venue was beautiful, I got to spend the night with my friends, and got to see some amazing clothing. 

If you want to check out the shops, they're both in downtown Holland and here are their social media handles: 

Frances Jaye

Instagram + Facebook + Pinterest + Twitter

Spring Sweet

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Stay sweet!