Styled 1: Sl.Craft and The Quiet Woods

Hello Everyone! This a big one today so I hope you're ready!

With being in an art and design school, you tend to make friends anywhere and everywhere. I've been friends with Sarah Lewis for about 4 years now and as a ceramicist, fiber artist, and art historian, we've always enjoyed each other's company. I've always loved her work and she has also shown up in my instagram feed a few times.  With wanting to collaborate and help my fellow colleagues get their works and wares out into the world, Sarah and I have been working on a few things. With both of us loving fiber and ceramic arts, it was time to start working together. I had plenty of shibori dyed fabric from my first run (you can read that post HERE) of dying back in 2014, I decided to give her a large portion of it and she made a dress out of it. When she sent me a picture of here wearing it, I almost fell out of my chair. I was fully intrigued and needed to photograph it. 

The shop The Quiet Woods also sent me one of their products to style.

"Carefully cutting and filing each small shape by hand, we then gently soften the points and edges smoothing them until they are perfect. Using a very light hand while leaving subtle marks on the surface we create textures with fine rosewood hammers and steel wool. Oxidizing and polishing the delicate shapes comes next and what is revealed after this step is always an exciting moment. Each piece has its own personality. Once the silver shapes are connected to the chain, the pieces dance and come alive. Worn close and cherished ~ tender jewelry"- The Quiet Woods 

I've been following Kim for a long time and I've always loved her work. She messaged me on Instagram about doing a collaboration and I was all for it. I was sent these beautiful half moon earrings and instantly thought that these would go perfectly with the etherealness of the shibori on the dress. So with that, Sarah and I planned a day to shoot both wares at the Fredrick Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids. The butterfly exhibit is currently happening at the Gardens so it added to afternoon. 

Here's the look book of our afternoon:

I'd like to thank The Quiet Woods for sending me the earrings to style, and thanks to Sarah for being my model. Please go follow both of these lovely laddies. 










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Have an amazing weekend guys! I'm headed to Chicago tomorrow so there will be some great content coming your way!

Much love




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