Strange & Familiar: Fogo Island and Todd Saunders


For the longest time, I've dreamed of traveling through Canada into the ends of North America. I haven't worked my way through Canada yet but its definitely on the radar in the future. Today I want to talk about something that ever since I've stumbled upon on. I always love hearing about a story of a small town who is coming back to life in a sense. Fogo Island is an island at the top of the North American continent. Placed in the heart of Newfoundland and Labrador. Placed on the Island is the Inn that is designed by Todd Saunders. I've always loved Saunder's work, and the fact that he designed all of these gorgeous buildings in Fogo, it made me want to visit the island even more. Here's a little more about Zita Cobb, the beginning of this whole project:

Zita was born to a fishing family and when the fish left the water's her dad packed her and her brothers up and vowed to never come back. After Zita traveled to the all of the continents while working, she decided to put her money back into her home land of Fogo Island. She contacted Saunders and the Inn began to be concepted and designed. The architecture was inspired by the buildings and landscape. Saunders took inspiration from what he say on the island and put it into the spaces that he designed. 

"People are made of  of the place that they're from"-Zita Cobb

A still from The Strange & Familiar film. 

A still from The Strange & Familiar film. 

A stay at Fogo Island Inn is a personal invitation to become part of a centuries-old culture, to fish for mackerel as the islander’s ancestors did, to forage for wild berries and mushrooms, to watch boat builders or bakers at work in their homes, to sit back and listen to the lilt of local music. You are a guest of the whole island here, and whether you spend your days hiking amid raw and beautiful coastal scenery or sketching it with a local artist, the experience is enhanced by the vibrant culture the lodge was built to protect. -National Geographic

All images pulled from Website or Cereal Magazine

The full's videography is amazing and the story's unveiling is even more awe inspiring. Hearing success stories that were built from something small yet extremely mighty is always a story for the books and the boys back home.

If you'd like to hear more about the story of Fogo Island, check out the film HERE. If you'd like to see more about Todd Saunders check the link HERE