Starlight˚2: Strawberry Spritz with the Dime + Regal Gang


With life's crazy endeavors, I haven't been able to celebrate summer. As a child who was always and still is sensitive to seasonal changes, the pivotal moment of spring turned to summer really makes me want to run through a field and or pull a Julie Andrews Sound of Music moment. With the hills are alive playing through my head as I write this blog post, I wanted to post the next Starlight post. With being friends with the lovely people of Dime + Regal, we've been trying to get together to celebrate the summer, my graduation, the advances of the shop, and our personal lives. Just a way to celebrate all of the hard work that we've put into this year. And who doesn't love a good porch party? Heck, who needs a reason to get together to for a drink. With all of us having busy schedules, it took a couple of weeks to get together but last night we finally got together. With all of us loving a good cocktail and Zenobia being the creator of the ever so lovely Cellar Door Preserves, we wanted to make a summer cocktail. Alaina whipped up the most delicious guac, and Zenobia laid out a delicious cheese board. Last night took me right back to all of those bonfires that I had when I was kid. With Grand Rapids not really loving the idea of a bonfire, the only warmth that is needed is being surrounded by a group of friends. Let's get on with this delicious cocktail!


(We made a large batch for a group but I started out with making a serving for two people)

2 Heaping TBS of strawberry jam

1.5 shots of Gin

1 tsp of our old lavender bitters 

A mixer of some sort (We used lime sparkling water and or ginger beer)

Lots of ice!



Step 1: In a shaker, add your jam, gin and bitters.
Mix together with a spoon until the jam is broken up.

Step 2: Add your ice and shake!

Step 3: Pour a 1/2 cup of your mixer into your glass.

Step 4: Pour your delicious cocktail mixture over your mixer.

Step 5: Enjoy and cheers to the summer!

Cheers Ya'll !