S.S. Cold Brew


- Good morning everyone

I know...a cocktail post for the morning but hey! There's coffee in it. With loving drink culture and craft cocktails, I wanted to dive back into doing cocktail recipes. I am by no means a cocktail specialist, but I do know how to make a great drink. As a child, I always loved the idea of entertaining a dinner party. I know...a weird thought for a child to have right? I remember watching Julia Child, Two Fat Ladies, Rachel Ray, and all of the Tv shows that have these elaborate dinners; and that love is still instilled within me today. With slowly getting my stride back, I started collecting things for me dream bar cart (more on that later). Hopefully soon, I'll be out of my old apartment and in somewhere new. Trust me...if you personally know me, you know why. I've entitled this cocktail the S.S. Cold Brew because I wanted to create something that is stemmed from my nautical past. The "S.S." stands for slow and steady, in which is how sailing should be, slow and steady. A life that I'm working towards. My main focus isn't to make a delicious cocktail, but to talk about the sourcing of ingredients. I loving researching the maker of the ingredients and relaying it back into the blog post.  


After the roughest day of jury duty that I had ever experienced, I was released and I instantly made my way to Harless + Hugh in Bay City. I needed a pick me up and also knew that they're making some interior adjustments to the coffee shop. With a rebrand, they have a new bottle to hold their cold brew and kombucha. Who could say no to this beautiful bottle?


Being a lover of whiskey, I tend to frequent the liquor isle for design inspiration. With loving the work by LAND, I was shocked to find a bottle of Hochstadter's Slow and Low: Rock & Rye at my local grocery store. I snatched the bottle up and put it in my cart and had the perfect cocktail in mind. The video on their about me page is pretty sweet!




Serves One Person

Plenty of Ice 

1 TSP Good Vanilla Extra 

2 TBS Milk

1 Shot of Slow & Low: Rock & Rye 

9 Oz. Cold Brew 

Cocktail Shaker 

Optional: A pinch of cinnamon (thank me later)




Step 1: Fill your cocktail shaker with ice 

Step 2: Add all of your ingredients except the cinnamon


Step 4: Pour into your favorite rocks glass

Step 5: For the love all things holy, add that cinnamon!

Step 6: Enjoy.