Sour Gin Fizz x Strongwater Spirits

When the weekend hits, I like to put on my bartender thinking cap on and create cocktails. As it being Labor Day weekend I've been Up North at the lake house and I decided to grab a couple things for a cocktail. I wanted something sour but with a full bodied botanical flavor. I packed along my Strongwater Lavender and Persimmon drinking vinegar to add to my cocktail. With Gin being my favorite liquor, I wanted the botanicals of what Bombay Sapphire could give me. Here's the recipe for my "Sour Gin Fizz":


1 shot Bombay Sapphire 

1 shot of Strongwater drinking vinegar 

1.5 shots of simple syrup 

Tonic Water 

A martini shaker 


Step 1: Add a couple ice cubes to your martini shaker 

Step 2: Add all of your ingredients to your martini shaker (Excluding Tonic Water)

Step 3: SHAKE!!!!

Step 4: Pour mixture into a glass with a couple ice cubes 

Step 5: Top with Tonic Water 

Step 6: Enjoy! 

If you'd like to go get yourself a bottle of Strongwater go to their website HERE

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend!