Shop Local: Sojourn


Making a spontaneous road trip is a great way to escape. Trust me, when I was little Grandma Boyd would always take my brother and I on day trips. As I've said before, my wanderlusting bug is pulling me in every direction because I'll be graduating in next April. I'm looking at all of my options. But more on that later. Dee and I headed out Sunday morning for an escape. We've both been bogged down with school, work, and the everyday musings of our lives and wanted to find something new. With remembering Sojourn, something pulled me in that direction. We got into my car and made our way to the unknown of Sawyer, Michigan. With not traveling farther west, I was ready for the lake-scape and the colors of fall. And you guessed it, that's what I got. We stopped in Saugatuck for a cup of coffee and then made our way to Sawyer. With Grand Rapids only being 3 hours away from Chicago, It took me everything to not head to Chicago. But I knew that this small trip would be enough. We arrived at the dwell-esque building and I knew that I was in for a treat. The store was this ethereal local milkian aesthetic that was almost pulled from the buildings of France. I was introduced to the store by the employee as a place of American made or small batch (my kind of language). Ceramic mugs, magazines, coffee table books, clothes, jewelry, and etc... Check out the pictures below. 

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photo by Dee Derusha 

photo by Dee Derusha