September: Current Happenings


- Hello all

It's currently 4:47 here in Grand Rapids, and I can't sleep. I had fallen asleep early last night after an extremely stressful first week back at university. (did I just call it university? Sheesh, I need coffee) Anyways, I had a dream where I was apart of an agency of some sort and It woke me up out of a deep sleep. I looked at my phone and it read 3:30 am. I opened my phone to see if I had any updates, my computer had died, and the "The Monocle Guide to Good Business" laid open next to my pillow. This being a weird offshoot of the dream, I was perplexed in a way that I have almost fallen into a placement of good business. I dream of the after college life in where I can start a life and just design for the rest of my 20s. As a kid, I always wanted to grow up. I remember wanting to travel the world and I wanted to meet everyone that I could. I was and still am extremely extroverted. 

Something new is happening on the stratosphere that I like to call, Tyler likes to keep himself busier than a bee. As of now, you're looking at the new stylist/designer at West Elm. I have been interested in interiors for some time now and to be able to start that side of myself in a way that brings design and styling together, it truly is a nice way to see what the future can bring. It's going to be a new adventure for sure and who knows what will happen on the way. 

I have work ( not as west elm ) until 1 today then I'm headed north to spend time with family and then in the next week, I'll be headed to Nashville for a weekend trip with the family.  So much is happening and I love the Hustle. 

Lots of new adventures to come!