Escape to the Safe Haven

Hello everyone! What do ya'll think of the new layout of Wendling + Boyd? Snazzy huh?

Well, I have some things to say about what recently happened in my personal life and how I've over come those things with doing one thing, going to the "Safe Haven". As of lately, this weekend, I've been posting that I've been at an unknown place calling it "The Safe Haven". With keeping this a personal address, I'm willing to tell you that this idea of shelter and safety recently reared itself. It almost came to the rescue in a way. Last Friday was most likely one of the worst days of my life. Here's a writing from my personal journal from Saturday at 2 am:

"There’s this sense of extremity when you’re in a constant state of wonder. Both beautifully executed but almost unstable to a point of where you’re stuck in the clouds. The clouds may be a beautiful place to be at times but when you’ve lived there for months, it tends to gets overbearing. So when things become not as pearlescent as you want them to be, you run. And you run far and fast. There’s this…eradication that takes place when you’re almost forced to let go of a conviction that you desperately grasp onto. When someone almost makes that conviction disappear, your brain, body, and soul tend to shift into this unwillingness that makes everything become silent. No context, no embodiment, only flesh upon flesh and bone connected to bone. Moment’s like these become these trajectory points of searching for the whereabouts of one’s true essence."

I'm going to spare you guys on the details of what truly happened but with that, after everything happened, I knew I had to escape. I got into my car and started making my way. I found myself driving endlessly until I came home. My true home, where I was raised, where my family was, everything that W+B is. I got home late and I just laid on the couch and said to myself..."Ty, you're safe. No one will be able to find you here". On Saturday I mainly kept to myself. I needed to let go of all connection for a bit. I had to confront a few things on Saturday but I spent the day with family. Regardless that I didn't want to be seen or touched, I knew I was safe. I baked, I took pictures, my Grandma held me and told me that everything was okay, (she could see that I was in extreme pain), and I got coffee at Foster's with Meredith. Let me tell you, a Safe Haven like this can truly do wonders when you were honestly taken down to where you've never been before. So...with me being a content creator, I created a visual journal of my weekend at the Safe Haven. I hope you enjoy! There's a sneak peak in there for a recipe and some other posts :

I can't wait to tell you guys more with this project of the "Safe Haven". I have another inspired post coming on this idea, along with a recipe for #jarrytype and a styled shoot with Megan. Stay tuned guys! Much Love!