Rower's Club: Preview Party

To get this blog back up up and running, I've been going around taking photos for content. I knew that the blog would be coming back but I didn't know when... But any who, let's get into today's blog post. With loving Rowster Coffee here in Grand Rapids, I caught wind of them opening up a new shop on the west side of the city. With me being attached to my computer, I started researching. I went onto facebook and I saw that I got an invite to the soft launch of Rower's Club. As you know me and all of my shenanigans, I knew I wanted to keep that day open. Anytime I catch wind of a new cafe opening, I make it an prerogative to go. With it being a beautiful day, the sun was out, people were walking their dogs, everyone was traveling by bike, I knew that there was something amazing afoot. Megan Stout and I headed on over to the new location and as we walked into the shop, we were met by Stephen, the owner of Rowster, and he asked us what we wanted to drink. I grabbed a cortado as per usual and Megan grabbed a shakerato. They also head some hors d'oeuvres, wine, and beer. I grab a glass of wine as well and just took in the shop. The sun was gleaming through the windows. The Mackinac Bridge grate table was beautiful and the lights seemed to have been made out of nautical rope. It took me back to my childhood. My Grandma Boyd and now our lake house have this nautical aesthetic that truly spoke to home.  

Rower's Club should be opening soon. I've heard that It may be opening this Friday but don't quote me on that. Keep watch of my Instagram and I'll do a post when they are open or watch the Rowster Instagram; which you can find here >>>



See you guys later!