Love Local : Rebel Reclaimed

Good Afternoon Everyone! I have another Love Local post for you guys! This one is a doozy and one that is near and dear to my heart.

On this lovely Sunday afternoon I'm reviewing something that is very near and dear to my heart. Rebel Reclaimed is a boutique in East Town, Grand Rapids. When I was living in Grand Rapids in 2012-2013  I went through a culture shock that most country bumpkins go through when moving to a larger city. On a rainy Saturday morning I went out for a run to get out of the apartment that I was so enthralled with and I went down Fulton ( where their shop used to be ). I noticed the whimsical decor and I had to walk in. I was greeted by one of the shop owners, Chip, and he welcomed me with open arms. He struck a conversation with me and made all of the pain disappear. I moseyed around the shop, picked up a few things and walked back to my apartment. Now since then Chip and Dann have moved their shop to East Town and are booming as ever! Their shop is full of rich colors and the vintage decor is simply amazing.  If you're ever looking for a quirky card, a map with a delicate font on it, local handmade goods, and a great conversation, Rebel is the place to go. 

"Born from a love of happy things and colorful design, Rebel is the brainchild of a rogue interior designer turned artist who finally listened to his inner voice saying, "Being safe never makes for a good story".

If you are ever in the east town are in Grand Rapids, please go see Chip and Dann, and they'll hook you up with some great stuff! 

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Rebel Reclaimed



Have a lovely week everyone!