Rail & Anchor | Royal Oak, MI

When Wendling & Boyd was on Blogger awhile back, I did a small lookbook for Rail & Anchor in Royal Oak, but little naive me, I just used my phone. Whatever possessed me to just use my phone is beyond me, so I decided to take my nikon with me this time. The photos came out extremely more significant and less pixelated. 

Here's alit about Rail and Anchor:

Rail and Anchor is a shop in Royal Oak, Michigan. It specializes in home goods,  eclectic accessories, botanicals and candles, drink-ware, airplanes, jewelry, succulents, books, tea, and much more. The store is full of wonderfully handcrafted goods; a general store if you will.

When you walk into the shop, the workers great you with a smile and ask if you would like to try some tea. Being Bellocg tea, it always tastes amazing. At first there is a lot to take in. The store is decorated beautifully: hanging airplants, flags, botanical prints and old maps entice the walls. And we can't forget Mason then moose above the register! Along with Columbus the jeep in the back corner holding Juniper Ridge's wonderful cologne and incense. I can't even do the shops justice because it's so wonderful. Ya'll need to go check it out. You won't be unpleased.


Now here's the piece de la resistance, the look book:

You should all follow Rail and Anchor. It's one of my favorite places in Michigan and I know you'd all love it there.  

Rail and Anchor