Queen's Guard French Toast

Another summer treat that I enjoyed when I was a kid, is when my Grandma Boyd would make bread on a Saturday then the next day she would use that bread to make the most delicious eggy french toast. With refocusing on things from the last blog post, I got up early yesterday morning to make myself some french toast. When I was looking through the cupboards for flavors, I didn't have a lot of sweeter flavors until I saw my canister of Bellocq Tea. Patrick Janelle sent me a package awhile back and this delicious tea was inside. I instantly thought, hmmm...I could infuse the milk with the tea. I grabbed my milk, the eggs, the tea, sugar, and some nutmeg and started making myself a nostalgic breakfast. 


:Ingredients :

-serves 1- 

1/2 cup milk

1 Egg

2 Tbs Bellocq tea ( I'm using Queen's Guard )

1/2 cup of sugar 

3 slices of bread


Butter for frying pan 

: Utensils :

Frying Pan

Small Saucepan

A shallow bowl to make your custard in


Small tea strainer 

Grater for nutmeg



: Recipe :

Step 1: Put your milk and tea into your small saucepan and set the stove top on medium to low heat. Let steep for 10 minutes and let it cool

Step 2: While your milk is steeping, in your shallow dish, add your eggs and sugar and whisk together. 

Step 3: Strain out your tea when cooled and add your milk to the egg mixture.

Step 4: Whisk together. 

Step 5: Grab your frying pan and put it to medium heat. Add a small tab of butter to grease the pan.

Step 6: Take your bread and dunk it in the egg mixture. Do this rather quickly so your bread doesn't fall apart.

Step 7: Put your bread in the frying pan and sprinkle with nutmeg 

Step 8: Flip when both sides are golden brown

Step 9 : Serve! 


I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe. The Queen's Guard makes the french toast sweet from the lavender and a bit spicy from the black tea. I can't wait to start infusing things with flavors, regardless how complex they are. Have a lovely weekend all!