So... I have some explaining to do eh? In all honesty, I have no idea where to start. This summer has been extremely...life observing. Lot's of fighting, lots of emotions, lots of alone, and lots of...random shenanigans. As you guys probably know, I lost my Grandma Boyd on June 24th. I'm going to be extremely honest here, it took a lot out of me. She was the epitome of Wendling & Boyd. And I thought, when she left me, WB left along with her. I was processing, I was fighting, and I was trying to keep my family together. It's not easy, trust me. Anyways, I've had to process my life. It was like I was starting over. In many instances, I didn't feel connected to Wb anymore. I wanted to throw it away and start all over. Getting rid of everything and my past was and is not the answer. Last week, I realized that Grandma would want me to be happy. It was like I could hear saying, "Only you can make your own happiness, and when you find it, fight for it". And so, I'm fighting for it. 

I've banged my head against the wall, I asked countless friend's and colleagues, and it all came back to this. I was always so worried about being different or making new content that no one has ever made but sometimes you have to realize that, if you make your own content, it is new in a way. Yes, creative world is overly saturated at this time but everyone has a different eye, different words, and different experiences. If I were to throw this all away, It would be throwing away my life essentially. This space is an ode to her, my Grandma Boyd. 

So... without further ado, here's the relaunch of WB. I'm still working on the kinks and such but I'm back! I'm also still figuring some stuff out but that's a part of the journey right ? 

Wendling & Boyd is a placeholder for modern design, apothecary goods, craft coffee, nostalgic food, up and coming editorial’s, and a guide to the everyday gentleman.


But more on that later! See you guys soon!