One Last Night

Hey guys.

I'm going to get a little personal on today's blog post. I know you were probably looking for a recipe and I do have two this week for you guys but this past week has been somewhat disheartening. An epiphany came after but I will get to that in a second. Let me elaborate.

It was almost experience after experience was telling me to stop everything that I loved. With liking someone and being told that they weren't interested, being told I was a failure, with affording life, and cancelling month planned day trips to Detroit, it was almost as if life was trying to tell me to stop. I honestly started to feel like every joy in my life was and had always been ripped from my grasp in a way that was barbaric and primitive. It was either Tuesday or Wednesday night where after all of this happened, I had an epiphany. Thanks to my good couple of friends helping me get back up. I started realizing that I wasn't living the life that I wanted to live. As you all may know, this blog is my journey to simpler living. I wasn't living that life. It may have shown through my instagram but days seemed to get very dark. But, I want to extrude light. I want to send it out in waves to people around. So...The epiphany began. I tore apart my room and started minimizing it. It got rid of clothes, old papers, little things that I was holding onto and just threw them away. I started organizing and started to make an inspiration board on my wall. I'll have an Instagram picture of that when I'm finished but when Friday and Saturday came around, I felt like a gigantic weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I styled, I cooked, I had a clean tidy room to work in (finally). I was back to my normal self.

There's this honesty that I have when It comes to love. As a kid, I've always been the type of guy who has and will always be affectionate and a romantic. I did the tindr game for awhile and all I got were people who only wanted sex and it seemed like that's all it was worth. There's nothing wrong if you found your partner on tindr or any dating app, that's all well and fine but they've never worked out for me. If you did, that's the best thing ever! You do you ! I dream of the past where you would go out on the town and meet different people every night, like what my parents and grandparents did. But with technology these days, It's not as easy. I dream of the day I walk into a coffee shop or Martha's vineyard and strike a conversation with an unknowing stranger and that would be the story of how we met. A man can dream right? Someday!As being a more sensitive man, a good friend told me this "In high stressed moments, at least we are able to get our emotions out and to not lock them up, but yes we do tend to get hurt more often than others, because we are altruistic people". And that's honestly the truth in my eyes. I don't mind being more sensitive but the hard part is when you have to keep those sensitivities in check and to keep our guard up. And with that, I want to tell you all this. No matter how painful life is, no matter how ugly it gets, there is always something to be thankful and there's always light.

As I'm curled up with the recent issue of Jarry Magazine in my wool blanket, watching the thunder and lightning clash outside, blaring " One Last Night " by Vaults, and just thinking, what will there be for me? What's the next adventure, and who will be my home?